Kubernetes Interview Questions

We have prepared a set of frequently asked Kubernetes questions to help Freshers and Experienced Admins in their preparations for Interview.

You will find these questions very helpful in your Linux/Ansible/DevOps/Kubernetes Admins interviews. Prepare well and All the very best.

All the feedbacks and suggestions are most welocome.

  1. What is the architecture of kubernetes ?

  2. What does control manager, etcd, scheduler, API server do ?

  3. What is a manifest file and what are the components of it ?

  4. What is node affinity, pod afiinity , taint toleration ?

  5. What is node port, cluster ip ?

  6. What is persitant volumes and why we use it ?

  7. Describe what is pod and what is pod lifecycle.

  8. What are the components on master and worked node ?

  9. What is ingress controller ?

  10. What are types of services in kuberntes ?

  11. How one pod talks with other pod ?

  12. How the pod healcheck is done(describe rediness, livesness) ?

  13. How the monitoring is done(integration on Prometheus and grafana) ?

  14. What is deamonset, replicaset, horizontal pod autoscaler ?

  15. Write a manifest file of your own choice.

  16. What is namespace and why we use it ?

  17. What are helm charts and uses ?

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