Service Comparision between GCP, AWS and Azure:

Below table consists of names of service offered by 3 major public clouds for different requirements. This table will be very useful when you are comparing services offered by GCP, Azure and AWS.

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Service Google Cloud Platform AWS Azure
Computing Google Compute Engine Elastic Compute Cloud - EC2 Virtual Machines
Analytics - Data Stream Cloud Dataflow Amazon Kinesis Azure Stream Analytics
Application Hosting Google App Engine Amazon Elastic BeanStalk Azure Cloud Service
Block Storage Persistent Disk Amazon Elastic Block Storage Azure Managed Storage
Compliance Google Cloud Platform Security AWS Cloud HSM Azure Trust Center
Cloud Specific Containers Google Cloud Run EC2 Container Service Azure Container Service
Cloud Kubernetes containers Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) Azure Kubernetes Service
Content Delivery Network (CDN) Google Cloud CDN Amazon CloudFront Azure CDN
DNS Service Google Cloud DNS AWS Route53 Azure Traffic Manager
Identity and Access Management Google Cloud IAM AWS IAM Azure Active Directory
Key Management Service Google Cloud KMS AWS KMS Azure Key Vault
Load Balancing Cloud Load Balancing Elastic Load Balancing Load Balancing for Azure
Log Monitoring Cloud Logging Amazon CloudTrail Azure Operational Insights
NoSQL Databases Cloud Datastore/Firestore AWS DynamoDB Azure DocumentDB
Relational Databases Cloud SQL / Cloud Spanner Amazon RDS Azure Relational Database
Notification Services Cloud Pub-Sub Amazon Simple Notification Service Azure notification Hub
Object Storage Cloud Storage Amazon Simple Storage - S3 Azure Blob Storage
Performance Monitoring StackDriver Monitoring Amazon CloudWatch Azure Application Insights
Private Connectivity Cloud InterConnect AWS Direct Connect Azure Express Route
Automatic Scaling Auto Scaler Auto Scaling Azure AutoScale
Serverless Computing Google Cloud Functions AWS Lambda Azure Functions
Virtual Network Cloud Virtual Private Network - VPC Amazon VPC Azure Virtual Network
Automation Cloud Anthos Config Management AWS OpsWorks Azure Automation

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